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Quick Finley Baby Hats


Green, natural, local and quick are key words at Quick Finley LLC, a local business that crafts pixie- and gnome-style hats (as well as other toys and accessories) for babies. Owner Stephanie Alvis, a mother of three, was inspired by her children to start designing and making the sweet little hats, and began selling them in local pop-up shops and on Etsy in 2011.

Shop the Etsy store for a selection of whimsical designs. - QUICK FINLEY ETSY SHOP
  • Quick Finley Etsy Shop
  • Shop the Etsy store for a selection of whimsical designs.

Alvis makes all of her Quick Finley products with a material base of "re-purposed cashmere, wool, angora, and mohair sweaters" sourced from local thrift stores. Any leftover material is recycled through the Gemtext Recycling program to keep landfill waste down. Choose from a wide variety of designs from simple, solid colors to hats with embellishments like Peter Pan feathers, cashmere clouds, animal faces or bows. Hats ship quickly and a small selection can be found at the Merry Makers Market in the Lit & Co. Candles Event Space (3017 W. State St.) through Dec. 23, so there's still time to get a warm, soft Christmas gift for your favorite little one.