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Pennsylvania group Pariah Piranha released People, People (say that three times fast) this fall. Singer Tara Gordon channels Grace Slick as she sing-growls her way through "Green Rooms," belting out "Pariah! Piranha!" at the end.

But what rocks even more, is that People, People came out on San Francisco's Queer Control Records, an LGBTQ label that sprouted from the Riot Grrl and queercore movements.

Label CEO and president Marlene Melendez explained that QCR, which has been around since 2007, wouldn't dismiss music by hetero bands out of hand, but the label's focus is really on fostering musicians in the queer community. And though Queer Control Records began with the idea of releasing music, they began doing so much in the gay community--organizing and sponsoring festivals and events--that they soon became a non-profit organization.

Each year or so, Melendez and her fellow QCRers choose a handful of new resident artists, bands or musicians whose music they believe deserves more exposure and to whom they offer funding and support.

QCR's current lineup of resident artists includes Pariah Piranha, drum and guitar duo Once a Pawn (check out drummer/vocalist Catherine Balta's unique vocals), Shenandoah Davis, dykecore trio Box Squad and L.A. boys Nancy FullForce.

A queer record label. Who knew?