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Sunday, Nov. 3, Neurolux


"Super group" wouldn't normally be used to describe a duo, but it fits the pedigree of Quasi's Steve Coomes and Janet Weiss. In the 20 years they've been making music together, Coomes and Weiss have--together or individually--performed or recorded with Bright Eyes, Built to Spill, Heatmiser (which included Elliot Smith) Sleater-Kinney, Stephen Malkmus and The Jicks, The Go-Betweens and more. Touring behind recently released double album Mole City (Oct. 1, Kill Rock Stars), Coomes and Weiss continue to make music that slides effortlessly across the rock continuum, at once engaging and haunting. NPR described Quasi's music as "[teetering] between optimism and despair, fantastical journeys and harsh realism; this is a pop band for people who like their pop throttled." (Bonus: opening for Quasi is Modern Kin, which includes former Boise musician Kris Doty.)