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Put Your Finger on the Pulse

News-reader app is easy-to-use and elegant


Sites like the Huffington Post and Gawker have cashed in on Americans' desire for instantaneity. Aggregators put everything from news of insurgence in the Middle East to terrorist attacks in Norway to what Kim Kardashian wore to her birthday party in one easy-to-access place. But you still have to go from HuffPo to Gawker to I Can Haz Cheezburger in order to read through everything that interests you. It would be nice if someone would aggregate the aggregators. Oh, someone did. Meet Pulse.

Pulse is a stunning news-reading app that was created in 2010 by two Stanford graduate students as part of an Institute of Design course. It is available for Android, iPad and iPhone and is as smooth and stylized as the devices it runs on. The app lets you choose your most oft-visited sites and sort them into pages, a little like the iPhone's folder system. Headlines from those sites are in a row (accompanied by a large thumbnail image) and each page can have row after row of RSS feeds ordered however you want. You can have social networks on one page, world news on another and fashion and style blogs on a third. Or line up Facebook, Twitter, Popular Science, TechCrunch and New York Times all on one page if those are the sites you visit most.

Just don't forget to add ICHC.

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