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Put a Spin on Dinner With Record Place Mats

You'll be a dining dj with these fun table accessories.


If you've always wanted to operate a turntable but you're about as hip as an aging barfly trying to belt out Mariah Carey after too many mojitos at a karaoke bar, fret not. Now you can live out your record-spinning dreams without having to stay up until 3 a.m. with the cool kids, all while simultaneously serving up tasty meals.

Gamago's record place mats add style and silliness to otherwise drab dinners. Not only do the mats carry a healthy dose of kitsch, they're pretty darn practical, too. Made of silicon, the place mats can fit in the smallest of storage spaces, are dishwasher safe and virtually indestructible. They'll make great gifts for those who lived through the analog era and encourage dinner-party guests to channel their inner DJs—especially after a few bottles of wine.

But perhaps the best part of Gamago's mats is the number of puns they inspire. With these stylish dining accessories, you can transform your table into a turntable, put a new spin on your favorite dishes, rock 'n' dinner roll, remix your meals or, as the record-sleeve package suggests, "if you're serving fish, be sure to turn up the bass."