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Put a Lid on It

Idaho's (lack of a) helmet law


On the list of things you should know about Idaho, add this one: There is no helmet law for motorcyclists.

As long as you're 18 or older, you're allowed to commute or pleasure ride on your motorbike without head gear. This is troubling to many. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that motorcycle helmets reduce the likelihood of a fatality by 29 percent.

"We would love to see a mandatory helmet law, but a lot of the legislators in the state aren't necessarily for it, especially the ones that come from agriculture backgrounds," said Sgt. Kyle Christensen of the Boise Police Department motorcycle unit. "They don't want to wear a helmet when going out to water or feed the animals, or other simple stuff like that ... some of the motorcycle crashes we go to would definitely be very less severe if people were wearing helmets."

So, here's the question: Risk helmet hair or risk your life?