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Purple People Pleaser


Based on its purple exterior and Chinden address, looks alone might lead someone to dismiss Mr. Lucky's as the kind of place where being lucky has nothing to do with drinking. Oh contraire, mes freres.

From the parking lot, the windowless building exudes a foreboding sense of "warehouse" interior, but all it takes to shed the expectation of a cavernous hole is to step through the door into the cozy smell of yesterday's smoke. Mr. Lucky's is a bar's bar in the way the Marlboro Man is a man's man—its persona is the gruffness of a regulars-only pub, but beneath all that is nothing but love.

At the insistence of friends, my inaugural visit was a pre-wedding pre-funk on a Saturday evening. Dressed in red silk and spiked black heels with a bowtied date and friends who matched, we four were more suited to snubbing around downtown with martinis than to throwin' back Bud Light and tequila. But none of the staff seemed to mind, treating us like Saturday night solid gold.

A quickie several nights later was no different. Stuffed with a Texas Hold 'Em crowd of Stetsoned heads and chap-clad bodies—but knowing from experience that you can never judge a bar by its card sharks—we were immediately welcomed by a bartender who declared us lookin' damn good for as old as we were. What's not to love about that? With an extensive liquor collection pouring everything from slummin' to high rollin', two pool tables, ceiling lights I'd give my left thumb to own, enough NASCAR memorabilia to build your own hot rod, all you can drink Miller Lite and MGD for $15 on Sunday and hip-hop Thursday nights that I hear are off da proverbial hook, I was lucky I stopped in.

Mr. Lucky's, 4902 W. Chinden Blvd., 327-0925