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Purity Ring's Shrines, Shines

Album Review


Purity Ring is comprised of Megan James and Corin Roddick. The duo is young, Canadian and has just put out an uber-dreamy, full-length album.

Shrines sounds like a walk at dawn through a misty forest, where at every turn, you find a poem etched into the bark of a mossy tree. The album is enchanting, as though a spell has been cast upon the listener.

The record opens with "Crawlersout"--a wave of imagery that intertwines humans and nature for a haunting and compelling result. "Sea water is flowing from the middle of my thighs / Wild buffalo are dancing on cliff tops in the skies / Adorn me in feathers from dead birds and / Contemplate the size of leather palettes to wind me in / Put shutters on my eyes."

It comes as no surprise that much of the lyrical content on Shrines comes from prose James never expected to share, like a whispered secret. Words string a commanding thread through the entire album. In "Grandloves," Roddick sings, "I'm in love with truth and sick and tired of this youth / I want it to be easy but I'm queasy at the thought of it / I don't need no proof, no lucky charm, no wisdom tooth," cementing the album's conflicted, Peter Pan-ish vibe.

Roddick's deliberate, synth-heavy beats and voice support and enhance James' innocently delivered, but raw poetry. Instead of drowning it out, this allows for an interesting and unexpected depth that becomes increasingly apparent after multiple listens. Purity Ring is a band to keep your ears open for in the coming years.