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Pure Mania for The Vibrators

Sunday, Sept. 18, The Shredder


Most British punk rock legends have long fizzled from the scene, immortalized only on patches stitched to ripped jean jackets. Not The Vibrators.

The group has been touring and cranking out albums intermittently since its formation in 1976. In fact, The Vibrators played more than 130 gigs in 2010 alone.

Known for straight-up punk gems like "Judy Says (Knock You In The Head)" or the ballad-y charm of "Baby Baby," The Vibrators' first album, Pure Mania, spent five weeks in the U.K. Top 75, peaking at number 49. The band also did an early tour opening for Iggy Pop, featuring David Bowie on keys.

On Sunday, Sept. 18, the band will add another stud to its belt when it motors into Boise for a show at the recently revamped The Shredder.

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