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Pure Bathing Culture, Feb. 3, Flying M Coffeegarage

Bright synths and faraway vocals


It's always interesting to hear a young person exclaim his or her joy at finding a "new" band, especially if you're someone who has been listening to said band since you were a young 'un yourself. Often, a classic act finds a contemporary audience when a new band covers its tunes, which is how some may have come to know Portland, Ore.-based duo Pure Bathing Culture. The bright synths and faraway vocals on PBC's 2013 release Moon Tides (Memphis Industries/Partisan, 2013), are reason enough to lend the band your ear (plus, Stereogum named Moon Tides one of its Top 50 albums of 2013). But if you still need a push, visit and listen to PBC's cover of Fleetwood Mac classic "Dreams." Everything old is new again.