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Publisher's Note


A friend of mine said to me the other day that there is probably only one thing harder than running a restaurant, and that's running an alternative weekly newspaper. There's probably some truth in this, but amidst adversity and difficulty, we still have a darn good time putting out Boise Weekly every week.

I received a call this past week from a gentleman who recently moved to Boise from Florida. "Mr. Dean" proceeded to tell me that a friend of his, Linda Jarsky, whose by-line you have seen on our very pages, told him about us. Up until then, he was unaware of Boise Weekly. Once Linda got him on track, Mr. Dean reads each issue from beginning to end and cannot wait to pick up his copy each Wednesday.

I was having a difficult day when Mr. Dean called, but phone calls like his make it all worth while. It reminds us that our efforts do not go unnoticed and that we do make a difference. Thank you, Mr. Dean, for making my day. And I will do my best to get Ted Rall here for a visit. In the meantime, make sure all of your friends not only know about, but also read Boise Weekly.

--Sally Barnes