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Publisher's Note


In the midst of my distraction from the planning of my vacation trip to Singapore, among other things, I mistakenly named our newest BW fan as "Mr. Dean" in my previous publisher's note. Please accept my apologies, Mr. Polsky. You are my favorite BW reader--and who cares about Mr. Dean anyway? It was a crazy week, with First Thursday, the Boise Weekly High School Photo Contest, Gene Harris Jazz Festival, our event coordinator Tyler's birthday and the BW "Beer Friday" official tour of Tyler's infamous creation Clay Town, all followed by a late night Euchre game at my home. It's hard to be a Mom and fit in my lomi lomi massage, colonic, acupuncture, waxing, Pilates and 5 mile runs in between all of this each week. But the BW posse still found time on Saturday night to attend the Boise Advertising Federation annual award ceremony, which recognizes excellence in advertising. Emina Musonovic, BW's world-class graphic designer, won three "Rockies" at the event, two silver and a gold. We all drank martinis, played MASH, and then moved on to the MilkyWay, where we drank more martinis and played more MASH. We need quality time together like this, since we don't see enough of each other all week long. Congratulations to Emina!