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UPDATE: Crews Will Continue Next Week With Repairs to Ruptured Geothermal Line Near Boise's Military Reserve


  • George Prentice

UPDATE: June 24, 2016 6 p.m.

City of Boise officials said crews will continue to work into next week as they repair a ruptured geothermal line in the Military Reserve area. Crews said the leak was traced to a area north of the archery range.

Public Works crews isolated the ruptured line and reopened much of Military Reserve to the public, but recreationists are urged to continue using caution.

ORIGINAL POST June 24, 2016  10 a.m.

City of Boise officials are cautioning the public to steer clear of the park and area surrounding Military Reserve after discovering a leak in the city's geothermal heating system.

According to a statement from Boise City Hall, the leak was detected in the afternoon hours of June 23 and crews have since been trying to identify the source of the leak and contain it. For now, crews from the Boise Public Works Department are expected to be working in the area for the duration of Friday. 

Meanwhile, Boise Foothills users are asked to take extra care to ensure the safety of children and pets. City officials warned that water temperatures in ponds, canals and streams could be dangerous and possibly fatal.

Almost exactly a year ago, on June 20, a Boise dog owner reported her canine companion was scalded by geothermal water near Tablerock. The dog died within minutes of being burned by the 174-degree water, which had backed up in a ditch as a result of previous work on nearby manholes.

While crews continue to determine if additional leaks are present in the Military Reserve area, anyone who identifies a leak is asked to use extreme caution and contact Public Works at 208-972-8497.