Psychedelic Furs with She Wants Revenge

Egyptian Theatre, June 18


If you know and love the Psychedelic Furs, you know that when John Hughes' appropriated the synthesizer sympathizers' "Pretty In Pink" moniker for his 1986 flick of the same name, the band's fame spread like smoke from a stick of Nag Champa.

And because you know and love them, you know that this show is a must-see because the Furs' original founders--Richard and Tim Butler--are still in the act. Richard is still poetically pointing out that he follows where his mind goes ("Love My Way"), and "Heaven" is the whole of the heart that don't tear you apart.

Speaking of getting torn apart, opening for the Furs is the Joy Division-esque, darkwave She Wants Revenge. Their ominous heartbeat rhythms, noirish lyrics, and dark pop melodies--notably on "Tear You Apart"--are equally eerie and addictive. You're going to want to know and love these guys, too.

8:30 p.m., $28 adv., $31 day of show. Egyptian Theatre, 700 W. Main,