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Prude With a Side of Raw Milk


Hopefully you made it through the first of the season's big family holidays unscathed. Last week I recommended a few stories from Boise Weekly that would help liven the dinner table conversation with your in-laws when things got boring--pieces that covered the death penalty, separation of church and state, and the Occupy movement. This week the good stuff to debate about while breaking bread comes out of the arts and entertainment section.

In Screen, News Editor George Prentice laments that one of the best films he's seen all year, Shame, will never see the big screen in Idaho thanks to a combination of what some would call the state's hypervigilance of its citizens' moral character and corporate movie theaters' hypervigilance of their bottom lines. Why, in the land of the free and the home of the brave, can't discerning, mature adults have access to a film? The simplest answer in this case seems to be the fact that we live in Idaho. Better start your online search if you want to catch what Prentice calls "undoubtedly one of the best movies of 2011."

In Food, Guy Hand's Year of Idaho Food piece takes a look at raw milk. Recently regulations on the sale of raw milk were adjusted to allow for small-scale sales with some state oversight. Proponents of the changes argued that, at the very least, the changes were necessary because "consumers should have the freedom to choose the dairy products they want."

And maybe the movies they want, too.

Also in this issue is the 10th annual Bad Cartoon Contest. Congratulations to Mark Tyler, who is the first Bad Cartoon winner to bank a cash prize for his victory. We've also closed entry for our annual Fiction 101 contest, which publishes in the first edition of 2012. On First Thursday in January, we'll be once again teaming up with Rediscovered Books for a reading of the winning entries by the authors who penned them. If you've entered the competition, keep an eye on your email and voicemail. We might be calling with good news.