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Provider's Perspective: Siberian Cedar Barrel Spa in Boise

Get healthy the Russian way


In Russia, " Siberian Health" is a synonym for “good health.” After all, Siberians have always been known for their great health and strong spirit.

One of the components of Siberian health is Siberian cedar. Siberian cedar is one of the most beautiful and majestic trees of Siberia. Siberian cedar is the king of taiga—a clean, virgin Siberian forest. Siberian cedar is unique. Its energy and rhythms of life coincide with the energy and rhythm of a healthy human body. If a person is near the cedar, his or her energy starts to balance and improve.

The healing properties of Siberian cedar were well known in Russia a long time ago. Russian healers placed patients in a cedar barrel mounted on hot stones, and ancient herbalists were thus able to cure many ailments and illnesses.

To give yourself a Siberian health experience and feel the miraculous properties of the Siberian cedar, you don’t have to go to Siberia … the unique Siberian cedar healing system is now available to Boiseans at Holistic Place.

The Siberian cedar steam herb barrel is made of a pollution-free Siberian cedar that is more than 300 years old. The barrel is constructed without using nails, screws, glue or other introduced chemical materials.

How does it work? Steam envelops the body in a small confined space and penetrates deep into the pores of the skin, opening and cleaning them (sweating relieves stress and muscle fatigue). Through expanded and cleaned pores, the body actively absorbs therapeutic compounds of herbs. The result: metabolism normalizes, the function of all organs and systems improves, fatigue disappears and fat accumulation slows. The effect of the course of 10 treatments in the Siberian cedar barrel is comparable to a year of treatment with medicinal herbs and tinctures.

Unlike saunas or steam rooms, the procedure in the Siberian cedar barrel is easily tolerated because your head and face remain outside. Therefore, the heat doesn’t affect the vessels in the head, and you can breathe easily without damaging your lungs with hot air.

Here are some of the benefits of Siberian cedar herb steam barrel treatments:

●Weight loss and increased metabolism.You’ll burn about 1,100 calories every 15 minutes)

●Reduction and eventual removal of cellulite

●Detoxification. The Siberian cedar barrel process is considered to be three times more effective than regular saunas and steam rooms at eliminating heavy metals such as lead, mercury, nickel and cadmium from the body. The barrel helps rid the body of nicotine, pesticide residues, petroleum-based toxins and cholesterol.

●Strengthens the immune system

●Improves men’s sexual health

●Reduces pain and inflammation of arthritis, osteoarthritis and sciatica, and improves joint mobility

●Helps with muscle fatigue and soreness

Valentina Vlasova, owner of the Holistic Place, is a ThetaHealing basic and advanced DNA healer/teacher.