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Property Owner Foils Brazen Mid-morning Grand Theft


And this week's BW Criminal Cojones Award goes to two Boise men in their mid-40s for thinking they could get away with grand theft in broad daylight.

The pair wound up behind bars after a property owner on the 5900 block of North Willow Cliff Way reported a theft in progress to Boise Police at about 10:30 a.m. on Dec. 9. He told officers he saw two suspects drive onto his property, back up to his motorcycle trailer--which just happened to contain the man's motorcycle--hook it to their pickup and drive off.

Since they were more or less caught in the act by the eagle-eyed property owner, the two alleged bike heisters were still in the neighborhood when cops brought their misadventure to an end.

The stolen property was recovered and the pair was booked into the county clink on a felony grand-theft charge apiece. Without any broken bottles being waved about.