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Promenade Music Festival


Ever since we announced last winter that we'd be presenting the inaugural Promenade Music Festival from Thursday, Oct. 7, through Saturday, Oct. 9, there has been serious debate circulating around BWHQ. Should the festival be pronounced promen-AID or promen-NOD? The laid-back AID crew argued that this is America, goddamit, and we shouldn't elongate our A's like a bunch of stuffy Brits. The NOD gang, on the other hand, rolled their eyes, took a pensive puff off their gold-plated pipes and told the AIDers to eat cake. Well, the debate has finally been settled. We've officially decided it's promen-AID when you're standing still, and promen-NOD when you're mid-foxtrot.

Now that this important debate has been sussed-out, here are a few highlights from the hundreds of bands you can check out this weekend at venues scattered across town: Surfer Blood (West Palm Beach, Fla.), Frog Eyes (Victoria, B.C.), Mike Herrera of MXPX (Bremerton, Wash.), K-OS (Toronto), The Drums (Brooklyn, N.Y.), Broadway Calls (Rainier, Ore.), Astronautalis (Seattle), Shad (London, Ontario), The Janks (Los Angeles), The Drowning Men (San Diego), Boy Eats Drum Machine (Portland, Ore.), Nick Jaina (Portland, Ore.), Michael Gross & The Statuettes (Salt Lake City) and Jared Mees and the Grown Children (Portland, Ore.).

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