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Proletariat's Rodeo Red and White Hat

Some red wine to drown out the blues.


Country music has a deep affinity for beer and whiskey. Is the memory of your ex torturing you? Let the whiskey river take your mind. Got friends in low places? Let the beer chase those blues away.

Wine doesn't have quite the same honky-tonk vibe. Until now. Proletariat Wine Company, based in Walla Walla, Wash., unleashed a new collaboration with country-western band Brent Amaker and the Rodeo.

"We had met a few years back through mutual friends and then through various parties, and we were always kind of half in the bag," Proletariat's Darin Williams said of Amaker. "We were like, 'We need to do something together.'"

So, to celebrate the release of Amaker's new album, Year of the Dragon—which brings the band to The Shredder Saturday, June 22 (see Noise, Page 24)—Proletariat released two new kegged wines: the Rodeo Red and the White Hat.

"The Rodeo Red is a Bordeaux-style blend—it's cab, merlot, malbec and cab franc," said Williams. "And then the White Hat is basically a Columbia Valley chard."

Williams said all proceeds from the wines go to Northwest Harvest, a nonprofit that supports food banks in Washington. He hopes to have both wines available on tap at a mobile dispensing unit for Amaker's Boise performance.

"Folks that come to the show can have a glass or two while they're watching the spectacle that is the Rodeo," Williams said.