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Project Apollo Archive


While everybody's all hot to trot over Mars, it's good to remember the days when the moon was all the rage.

For years, a collection of historic photographs chronicling the early space program has been quietly building online, featuring images taken from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, the Kennedy and Johnson space centers, and scanned for the Apollo Lunar Surface Journal, edited by Eric Jones and Ken Glover.

The site bills itself as "the world-wide web's most extensive collection of high-quality Apollo images," and we're not about to doubt the claim.

Organized by mission and meticulously catalogued, we wouldn't want to hazard a guess at how many shots are included in the library. Some are well known but most are not, including candids of astronauts, never-before-seen images of space flight and any number of snapshots of equipment and technology.

Among the most stunning are thousands of (mostly color) high-resolution images uploaded to Flickr last month ( If you're on the space-nerd bandwagon, the Project Apollo Archive is stellar viewing.