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Problemas de Libre

Spanish newspaper makes waves in Canyon County


It's not easy being a publisher in Nampa these days--just ask Stephanie Pressly. The publisher of the Idaho Press-Tribune recently announced that her company would be putting out a free Spanish-language weekly called La Prensa Libre. Since then, she's had to withstand a barrage of attention, not all of it from delighted bilingual readers of the Press-Tribune. Start with Canyon County Commissioner Robert Vasquez, the Republican who ran for Congress on an anti-immigration platform. He lost to Bill Sali, but he's still, um, very interested in the topic. He's called for a boycott of the Press-Tribune. Letters to the editor are a mix of "congratulations" (from Governor Jim Risch) and "cancel my subscription." Letters to the IPT have included lines like, "We need to focus on the people speaking English in this country. Maybe they should put out a French version as well."

In a column titled "Straight Talk," Pressly assured readers that (1) they wouldn't have to pay for the new paper, (2) they had no intention to 'cater to illegal immigrants,' and (3) as Idaho's Hispanic population grows, La Prensa Libre would be there to serve "the legitimate Hispanic market in the Treasure Valley who simply prefer to read Spanish at home or with their families."