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Prizm, July 24, Visual Arts Collective


The next time a movie director needs an atmospheric soundtrack for a knife-edged indie drama, sci-fi thriller or fantasy, he or she would do well to call Portland, Ore.'s Prizm.

For almost two years, Jef Drawbaugh, Jason "Azmo" Walker and Kim Hansen have been wrapping dramatic synth riffs around live drums in a psychedelic Tangerine Dream-like state.

Drawbaugh and Azmo played together for years, performing mostly dancey IDM laptop pop. With this project, they were looking for something different.

"We were listening to a lot of '70s German stuff," Drawbaugh said. "We were really inspired by that. But we wanted to make it kind of current and play with hardware instead of the laptops. We just stacked them all up and started playing loud."

In keeping with the cinematic feel of their music, Prizm always employs visuals at their shows, so expect both your ears and your eyes to be fully sated.