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Prisoner Putters Away from clink


With so many prisoners leaving Idaho's correctional system before completely serving out their sentences, you'd think the Democrats were in power again. For the third time in four weeks, a laborer has left his post on a state work crew and become a fugitive. This time the culprit is Robert Lee Brown, 34, who was serving time for grand theft and possession at the minimum security facility of the South Idaho Correctional Institution. According to the Department of Correction, Brown's job involved using a small tractor. However, his tractor was discovered near Pleasant Valley Road, and he was later discovered to be missing.

Brown is 6 feet, 1 inch tall-although they way he's holding his nameplate in the mugshot, you'd think he was a lot shorter. It isn't a chinrest, buddy! But chin up, you'll be free soon enough. Anyone with information is urged to call local law enforcement.