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Prestigious Apparel


A few years back, the Prestige logo lurked in skateparks, riding the backs of punks young and old on the half-pipe. Then the blocky letters began showing up in alley cat races, darting through intersections and dodging near misses in traffic. But recently, the cult of the Prestige hoodie has gained members from well beyond the skateboard shop's groupies.

"It always trips me out when I run into someone I don't know wearing one," said Prestige Skateboards owner Paul Whitworth. "But people are stoked on them, they like to support us and we're flattered."

Whitworth said he and co-owner Greg Goulet are not planning world hoodie domination, but they do have a mission: to avoid what they call the McU's sweatshirt situation. Back in Whitworth's high school days, everyone was sporting the exact same McU's logo. Goulet and Whitworth dig the roving billboard effect of merch, but they make a serious effort to switch things up. They constantly tweak their logo to create new designs and they order different hoodies in small quantities from different suppliers. Most recently, Prestige stocked soft hoodies in dark blue with two birds on the front left. The Phillies, Red Sox and Pirates baseball-themed series have been the most popular.

A price tag in the neighborhood of $45 will secure your membership with a brand new hoodie, but if you're broke (or looking for a "vintage" Prestige design), Whitworth has some advice: check the Neurolux lost and found.