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Press-Tribune: GOP Lawmakers Pushing Back Against Candidate Vetting Proposal

"I have some real problems with that. I just feel that that's not fair to all the Republican (voters)."


In anticipation of this coming weekend's Idaho Republican Party Central Committee meeting in Valley County, some lawmakers are already lining up against a proposal that would see the party's elite to have the final say on who should be a candidate.

On June 10, the Associated Press reported that Region 4 GOP Chairman Rod Beck was proposing an internal party rule change which would require Republican candidates to secure support from district committee representatives before putting their name on a ballot.

But this morning's Idaho Press-Tribune reports that four canyon county lawmakers said they "have serious problems" with the proposal.

Caldwell Rep. Darrell Bolz, Nampa Rep. Brent Crane, Nampa Rep. Christy Perry and Huston Sen. Patti Anne Lodge all told the Press-Tribune that they would oppose the move.

"I have some real problems with that," Lodge told the Press-Tribune. "I just feel that that's not fair to all the Republican (voters)."