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Pre-Game NYE With Some Boise Hip-Hop

Liquid, Dec. 30


Not content to limit the party to the big countdown, Boise's hip-hop scene will take the stage on Friday, Dec. 30, for a New Year's Eve preview party packed with entertainment. The night of funky rhymes and skunky beats will feature local rap royalty Exit Prose, Mo Digs, Tha Lost & Found and more.

Exit Prose, formerly of Kamphire Collective, is repping his solo album, Sensational Woes, a hard-hitting record with diverse sampling and impressive flow. Mo Digs will spit both solo and with Dacram, his Tha Lost & Found counterpart. The duo will share the mic and throw down atop record-scratch tracks.

Shaun B. will host the show, which includes performances by P-Dirt, B-KASHZ and DJ L-Nasty, along with breakdance stylings from the Boise B-boys. With a best-dressed contest, door prizes and giveaways, the evening is all about getting the party started and sowing your wild oats before those New Year's resolutions kick in.