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Pravda: Monophobic

Pravda, Friday, Aug. 28, VAC


Local band Pravda has released their third CD, the all-instrumental Monophobic, with plans to celebrate the release at Visual Arts Collective, a fitting venue, it seems, to hear Pravda's prog-rock/experimental art-rock sound in the vein of Rush, Genesis, Yes, etc.

The CD opens with the industrial dots and dashes of "Butterfly Needle," which crescendo into '80s guitar, metal chucka-chucka-chuck drums and cymbal crashes, and "Mr. Roboto" synths. From the nine-minute "Symphonia," in which piano devolves into clavichord-meets-keyboard to the 41-second "Syncope," which would serve to set the mood in a 1930's black-and-white suspense thriller, the CD exudes the sensibility of jazz, a willingness to explore musical nooks and crannies.

Bits of Monophobic seem to be more for musicians than for listeners. "Thru the Trees" is a short (1:16) Martin Denny-esque expedition of jungle drums and percussion-made animal sounds that doesn't say much to me as a listener, but may speak volumes to a Berklee-educated musician.

An entirely instrumental CD runs the risk of alienating listeners who prefer a traditional verse/chorus/verse song but, Monophobic offers smart turns of phrase and a musicality that is both studious and entertaining.

Friday, Aug. 28, 7:30 p.m., $5. First 20 people in the door receive a free CD. VAC, 3638 Osage St., Garden City, 208-424-8297,