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Poynter Fact-Checking Certificate



With "fake news," 24/7 social media sharing and more journalism outlets than Sean Spicer can shake a stick of gum at, knowing what's true and what's outright bull is getting harder and harder.

Vaunted journalism think tank Poynter wants to help consumers cut through the noise with an online course in fact-checking.

For $99, enrollees will learn how to improve their skills in accountability journalism; make fact-checking videos; and debunk bogus claims, cover rumors, explode hoaxes and parse through gossip. A webinar focused on fact-checking politics and media includes ways to beef up the rigor of your fact-checking and how to ensure its greatest possible impact. Another webinar teaches students how to make the case for fact-checking.

Each assessment in the program includes about 20 multiple-choice and true/false questions, at least 80 percent of which learners must pass in order to receive the certificate.

Geared toward bloggers, writers, reporters, editors, publishers and teachers, the course is really for anyone who wants to ensure what they're reading, writing, saying or sharing doesn't land anywhere in the realm of "alternative facts."


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