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Potato Parcel

Send an anonymous note on a potato. Send an anonymous notato.


Ah, the Gem State. The nickname comes from the nearly 250 different minerals and semi-precious stones found in Idaho, but it could just as likely be a nod to the kind of gems ordered with burgers. Though the potato isn't the most glamorous veg, it is one of the most versatile and, beyond the obvious as a source of snacks, side dishes and vodka, the uber tuber can be used to make scrapbooking stamps; extract stains; desalinate soup; and shine shoes, specs and silverware.

It can also be the medium upon which a message can be mailed.

With Potato Parcel, you can send a handwritten note expressing love, hate, congratulations, birthday wishes or any other greeting you like—as long as it's 15 words or less.

If you prefer a more visual missive, you can have a picture of your punim printed on your potato and mailed in the United States, Australia, Canada and Europe. And you thought the "P" in U.S.P.S was for "postal."