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Pot Laws a Bust


Sure, passing three pro-marijuana initiatives may seem hip and edgy, but for the city of Hailey, they are turning into a major headache that may cost one city councilor her seat.

According to the Mountain Express, all three of the initiatives are in direct conflict with state and federal laws, and it could mean the loss of federal funding for the Hailey police. The initiatives include one that legalizes the use of medical marijuana, another legalizes the use of hemp and the third makes the enforcement of marijuana laws the city's lowest priority. A fourth initiative that would have required the city to tax marijuana sales, and regulate its use, was not passed.

City officials released a statement earlier this week outlining the conflicts of the new initiatives with state and federal laws and the repercussions they may bring.

Among the most pressing is the fact that city council member Carol Brown is a federal employee. As such, she is prohibited from lobbying for drug law reforms—which she would have to do for the city if the initiatives stand.

"Council member Brown may have to resign from the Hailey City Council," the council is quoted in the Express.

The fate of the three initiatives has yet to be decided, since similar legislation has been shot down by the courts in the past. According to the Express story, litigation is likely on the way.