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Post Secret Creator Tells All at the Morrison Center

Thursday, Feb. 16


One man holds a whole lot of secrets. Frank Warren, the man behind Post Secret, the blog turned community art project, personally reads each of the secrets submitted to his project. They are written on decorated postcards and sent to his Washington, D.C., home every day. On Thursday, Feb. 16, Warren will visit Boise State for a live version of his seminal secret-sharing exhibition, which is part of a national tour that visits hundreds of college campuses.

The secrets range from the funny and playful to the shockingly dark, deep and powerful. One card, a sepia-toned picture of cars in the 1950s, bears this inscription:

"I used to sleep in cars in the used car lot so I wouldn't have to go home to my drunken stepfather," wrote one anonymous confessor in shades of crimson.

Another, written on a bra advertisement, reads "He'll let me measure his penis, if I let him measure my boobs."

Think of a secret, that one secret you would never share with anybody, not even your closest friend. Each week, thousands scribble that secret on cards and mail them to Warren. He hand-picks 10-20 to feature on his blog, which has a readership in the millions.

Warren's stop at Boise State will share secrets that didn't make it into the book Confessions of Life and Death, and a secret from Warren himself. The evening will also feature a microphone for audience members to share their secrets with the crowd, whether it be your sexuality, your sins or your nose picking.