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Portugal The Man. Period.

March 3, Neurolux


When Portugal the Man dropped The Satanic Satanist, ex-hippies had to wonder if they were having an acid flashback. The brightly colored, psychedelic multi-flap cover undoubtedly sparked a few age-of-free-love memories. And for PTM fans too young to remember the '60s, what they got was a rocking follow up to the band's popular 2008 release, Censored Colors.

In 2010, PTM released American Ghetto, a Beatles-y, David Bowie-esque electronic/popsterpiece. They reunited with producer Anthony Saffery, who helped them realize the magic that was Satanist. When BW talked to PTM frontman John Gourley in March 2009, the band had just finished recording.

"Everything we've done before has been with friends. [For Satanist] it was stepping outside and playing with new people."

If that first outside step was The Satanic Satanist, the other shoe to drop is American Ghetto. And PTM is off and running.