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Political Curtain


Seems someone decided to do some pointed campaigning.

Four large banners touting Boise mayor candidate Jim Tibbs appeared on Aug. 15 in the windows of Murie Design Group in the Washington Mutual Bank building—which just happens to be across the street from Boise City Hall.

Tibbs is in the midst of his race against incumbent Mayor Dave Bieter, and the posters are apparently a tribute to Tibbs from the owner of Murie Design, Mike Murie.

While Murie was not available for comment on his unusual window dressings by press time, a comment posted on the BW Web site said the posters were in response to a request from City Hall to clean up boxes stacked against the windows in a storage area.

The posters are reportedly temporary while custom blinds are being made, but the Tibbs campaign isn't upset by the current decorations.

"We had absolutely no idea," said Tibbs' campaign manager Matt Ellsworth. "We were literally walking down the street and looked up and, 'holy cow.'"

Ellsworth is quick to point out that the campaign has nothing to do with the posters, since it is still against campaign regulations to post any sort of advertising at this time.

We at BW couldn't help notice the large Republican elephant gracing one of the posters. While Tibbs has never officially declared his party affiliation, Republican Party hard-liners have been touting him as their candidate in an effort to reclaim the office many see as one of the jewels of Idaho politics.