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Polish Movie Posters


The formula for American movie posters is simple: Place the acting talent in the center of the poster and the source of dramatic tension in the background. In Poland, movie posters have an abundance of both consonants and artistic talent.

The teaser for Lowca Androidow (Ridley Scott's Blade Runner) was designed by Michal Ksiazek and features a woman in a bikini holding a gun cast only in white space. It's yours for 70 Euro. Leszek Zebrowski's take on Stanley Kubrick's Clockwork Orange (Mechaniczna Pomarancza in Polish) shows a man's face juxtaposed with a howling animal. They share an eye. Sadly, that one's not currently available but you can sign up for the waiting list.

For Krokodyl Dundee, Andrej Pagowski has the eponymous Mr. Dundee, his joyous eyes shadowed by a wide-brimmed hat, holding a terrified child in a nest of multi-colored crocodiles. Save the child for 72 Euro.