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Dear Minerva,

Here's one for ya: I can be all hot to trot, with everything "working" like it is supposed to. His pants come down, huge penis staring back at me and blam-o, mine plays dead. I've decided it's penis envy. I dunno, but the older I get, the worse my issue is becoming. Oh, and I've tried the boner pills to no avail. I've pretty much given up on sex. I think my mind has taken over and created a monk. It really sucks!


—Playing Possum

Dear PP,

Erectile issues are zero fun, and I can tell that despite the attempts at humor, this is a painful issue for you. You say you are suffering from "penis envy," so I'm gathering it's a matter of feeling inadequate in size. That's a difficult insecurity to overcome. I want to remind you that a man is not the size of his equipment but a multitude of facets that come together to create a dynamic person. You can't help what the size of your penis is, but size really shouldn't matter. According to a study done by King's College London, the average penis length for 90 percent of men falls between 4 inches and 6.3 inches when erect. Even if your penis is smaller than that, it doesn't mean someone won't be interested or enjoy sexual activity with you. Don't be afraid to see a doctor about it, either. Sex is a wonderful part of life, and you shouldn't deny yourself because you assume you're inadequate. You deserve love and intimacy.

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