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Pizza, No Tip


Anyone who survived dorm life in college is familiar with the pizza delivery scam. You fool the pizza delivery guys by getting them to try to deliver some pies to the wrong address. It's a simple, if rarely successful, grift: Show up juuust when the delivery guy is knocking on that supply closet door you've directed them to over the phone, then offer to take the pizza off his hands, for cheap.

Or just rob the guy. That would be the Mountain Home version, apparently.

Mountain Home Police are still checking out leads on an armed robbery Sunday night.

The suspects called for a pizza to be delivered to a fake address, up in the North 15th East neighborhood. When the poor delivery schlub went looking for the non-address, two guys wearing dark hoody sweatshirts and dark pants showed up just as he was getting really lost. How helpful, you think, until one of them pulled a gun on the driver and demanded that he turn over any cash he had on him. These guys were determined; as far as we know, they took no pizza, even though the smell must have been overwhelming as they hovered by the driver's window with gats a-waving.

They got the cash and hot-footed it out of there, but not before a witness saw the whole shebang and called the cops. If you've got any info, contact Detective Sgt. Jeff Rhodes at 208-587-2101.