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Pinto Bennett and the Motel Cowboys

Dec. 31, Bouquet


Pinto Bennett grew up on a sheep farm outside of Mountain Home. He was in the Navy. He has worked as a sheepherder, stonemason, tree trimmer, house builder and shit shoveler. He learned the "good stuff worth knowing" from his grandfathers, and "all the bad stuff" from his honky-tonk father, who he says was actually "a pretty cool dude." These days Bennett, along with his band, The Famous Motel Cowboys, is best known for his legendary status in the world of country music and for being Idaho's favorite "honky-tonk asshole."

Expect well-crafted songs and a dry wit when the group takes the stage. After decades of doing so, they know how to put on a show and how to have a good time doing it. Jeremiah James, another well-known former "Idaho Cowboy," pays tribute to him by ending most of his shows with Bennett's song "Honky-Tonk Asshole." A title that is, apparently, pretty respected in these parts.