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Pinto Bennett and the Famous Motel Cowboys Reunion

July 13-15 at Humpin' Hannah's


When the Famous Motel Cowboys command the acoustic, lap steel and bass guitars--a veritable Western orchestra--nothing but last century's blues pours forth, with Pinto Bennett's husky vocals rounding out the country cocktail.

"Hangin' out in bars the way I do / it ain't no good but it's the life I choose," Bennett sings on "Different Ways to Sing the Blues." "That's what my daddy told me / more than a time or two / He said, 'We've all got different ways to sing the blues.'"

Sporting a bushy white beard and a wide-brimmed cowboy hat, Bennett exudes a swaggering bravado. But melancholy isn't Bennett's only mode of operation, as songs of boozin', riding and taking hard knocks are also commonplace.

The Famous Motel Cowboys will be joined by Bill Coffey and His Cash Money Cousins, Joshua Tree and Kip Attaway. The veteran cowpokes play three nights at Humpin' Hannah's.