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Pink Mountaintops, Neurolux, Nov. 24


When remembering the difference between Stephen McBean's two psych-rock projects--Black Mountain and Pink Mountaintops--it's best to keep things color-coded. Black Mountain: Black Sabbath guitars and black pot resin. Pink Mountaintops: boobies. And fuzzy, Jesus and Mary Chain-y, psych-folk jams.

Though Pink Mountaintops' self-titled first album was a tad risque--with songs like "I (Fuck) Mountains" and "Sweet '69"--the Canadians' last two releases have matured considerably. The band's label, Jagjaguwar, called their third full-length, Outside Love: "Ten songs of love and hate that read like a Danielle Steel romance novel but that would probably make for bad television."

While the album's cover features a tawdry book resting on a teal velour blanket--the bad TV part is harder to envision. Songs like "The Gayest of Sunbeams"--a Dandy Warhols-y tune with ample la-la-la's and shaking tambourines--could easily be the theme song for a quirky cable comedy.