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Pigeon John: And The Summertime Pool Party


I'm not even going to front. Pigeon John's new album, And The Summertime Pool Party, is fresh with a capital F. Sunny southern California native, Pigeon John embarks on his fourth solo album, establishing true veteran status while continuing to make the honeys move their bod-ees! Mesmeric beats, charisma bursting from the seams and instrumental appearances from RJD2, Chris James, DJ Rhettmatic, Great Jason and "The Black Jack Tripper" And The Summertime Pool Party makes for a tasty little treat for your arguably tasty little ears.

Jumping on the Quannum bandwagon in 2005 after wooing Lyrics Born on the 2003 Cali Comm tour, his prior experience included rapping with notables such as LA Symphony and Brainwash Projects. Catering to the all of the hip hop habitues, PJ possesses wit like it's going out of style, valiantly giving shout-outs to Filipino b-girls, elderly women in the factories and all the Mexican girls on soccer teams. The most ironic of his lyrics being "lemon to a lime and a lime to a lemon, underground hip hop equals no women." Oh PJ, you have got it ALL wrong! Underground is sexy! If I run into you at a show, I am SO buying you a drink!

And The Summertime Pool Party is a reputable compilation of quality composition that music lovers of all types can appreciate. The album just dropped Tuesday, September 12, and I suggest getting it quick so you can learn the words and rap along to all of his songs when he comes to town next month. With Pigeon John being one of the most insouciant and entertaining artists I have ever been in the presence of, passing up seeing him live would be a crime. Catch Pigeon Jon, Lyrics Born and Cut Chemist at the Big Easy, Thursday October 26.