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Pigapalooza is a Celebration of All Things Pork

Saturday, March 26 at Brewforia


Carnivores, grab your defibrillators and vegetarians beware: This experiment in cholesterol maximization will focus all its culinary attentions on the versatile swine.

Not for the faint of heart or stomach, Brewforia Beer Market will soon host a 12-hour, porcine-inspired feast appropriately entitled Pigapalooza. All proceeds will go toward breast cancer research.

Rick Boyd opened Brewforia Beer Market in November 2009 after noticing a frustrating lack of beer selections in the Treasure Valley. Brewforia's Meridian location not only carries more than 700 beer varieties, both local and exotic, but also sells glassware and hot food, has regular tastings and hosts community fundraisers like the upcoming Pigapalooza.

Although numerous cultures, past and present, have utilized and digested almost every part of the pig--such as the feet, bellies and tails--this pig spectacular will include more well-known pork delicacies like ribs, pulled pork and bacon. Chef Ryan Hembree from Life's Kitchen will assist Boyd, Brewforia staff and a number of volunteers in pulling an all-nighter to smoke all the meats necessary to feed the 500 to 1,000 guests expected.

"C'mon squeal!" is not just a disturbing line from the movie Deliverance but also what you're likely to do after committing to this all-you-can-eat charitable event.