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Photos from Susan Valiquette



"I came upon Amanda in the middle of the competition. She was off in a world of her own as she awaited the next heat. She seemed tired, pensive, resigned to the coming efforts ... and then she sprang from her chair and ran to her place at the end of the pool for one more race. I wanted to touch her soulful spirit and had to fight back the desire to put my arms around her ... but then I would have missed the moment." —S.V.


"Watching Danny running the floor during basketball is amazing— his muscles all cables and ropes. I have photographed Danny many times and am always struck by his strength and will and his ability to carry on despite his age. His perseverance is an inspiration to the other athletes, as well as to all of us who have watched the games. I wanted to capture his sense of pride that is surrounded by the sweetness of his soul." —S.V.


"This was shot at the end of a long day of competition. She is worn down; the day is done, it's time to head for home. There's a hint of reticence as she keeps her distance, looking inward and waiting quietly away from her peers. As I watched her, I felt a sense of sadness and tried to capture that feeling of mournful melancholy." —S.V.

Susan Valiquette's photo exhibit, "Let Me Be Brave: Portraits in Courage," will be shown at the Boise Art Museum December 6 - March 1, 2009.