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Photo of Titanic Iceberg to Go on Auction Block

The image, taken from RMS Carpathia on the day of the rescue, is being sold by RR Auction.


A photograph of the iceberg that sank RMS Titanic in 1912 is set to be auctioned by RR Auctions, New York Daily News reported.

The photograph was reportedly taken by Mabel Fenwick from the RMS Carpathia, which rescued the few remaining Titanic passengers the morning after it sank into the sea. The Daily News said the photo was taken just 10 hours after the massive ship sank.

The hundredth anniversary of the sinking of the "unsinkable" ship comes April 15 of this month, and other items are on sale at the online auction house from April 19 to April 26.

Just 705 of over 1,500 people on the Titanic were rescued in what was the worst peacetime maritime disasters at the time. The ship's sinking has become a source of popular lore, appearing in many movies, documentaries, books, and television shows.