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Petite 4 Owners Back Out of Revamped Roosevelt Market


The people behind French-inspired bistro Petite 4 have backed out of the revamped Roosevelt Market project. The announcement was made on social media Sept. 23.

"[Sarah and David "DK" Kelly] will no longer be the future operators of the Roosevelt Market & Cafe. We thank [owners Pamela Lemley and Jill Simplot] for collaborating with us and giving us this creative opportunity. It saddens us that we will not be a part of this project, however this is the best business decision for us at this time," they wrote on Facebook.

In April, the Kellys announced they would staff and work the historic East End market after it had undergone upgrades. Already neighbors of the market, they said they would take on additional staff to ensure that they could run it and Petite 4 at the same time. Since then, the structure that once housed the market has been all-but demolished by the property owners, and construction is currently underway on a new building that closely resembles its predecessor.

DK, however, said he was "disappointed" with the decision to tear down the structure rather than remodel it, adding that other, business-related elements also bore on the Kellys' decision to back away from the project, though he declined to give further details.

"It just wasn't the right move for us," he said.