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PETA Targets Boise Retailer With Sheep Billboard: 'We're Individuals. We're Not Sweaters.'


  • PETA
PETA, which has had a colorful history of protests in the Boise area, has returned with another provocative demonstration, this time targeting the Forever 21 clothing store at Boise Towne Square Mall. On the 4000 block of S. Federal Way, PETA has rented a billboard that displays a closeup photo of a sheep alongside the words, "We're Individuals. We're Not Sweaters. Wear Something Vegan."

  • Harrison Berry
PETA Campaign Manager Christina Sewell said her organization is specifically targeting Forever 21 in several U.S. cities, including Houston, Texas; Madison, Wisconsin; St. Louis, Missouri; Toledo, Ohio and Louisville, Kentucky.

"Just like us, sheep are flesh and blood, and feel pain and fear, and value their lives," said Sewell.

In 2016, PETA installed a life-sized snow globe on Eighth Street in downtown Boise, inside of which protesters acted out punching and slapping toy sheep. And in 2013 and 2011, scantily clad PETA volunteers strutted their stuff in downtown Boise on chilly mid-winter mornings, urging passersby to "bare skin, don't wear skin."
  • Kat Thornton