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PETA Barbecues a 'Dog' in Downtown Boise Protest


The vegan, anti-animal cruelty organization PETA is known for its dramatic demonstrations in downtown Boise. Earlier this year, it staged a woman bathing on a street corner. Before that, it installed a snow globe, in which protesters tore apart stuffed reindeer during the holiday season to raise awareness of animal-based fibers.

On Aug. 13, at the corner of Eighth and Idaho streets, it was a half-incinerated effigy of a dog laying on a grill.

"Most people are revolted by the thought of serving up a dog, but no one has problems with serving up other animals," said PETA campaigner Marley Delgado.

The demonstration is meant to call awareness of people's irregular standards about animal cruelty, and Delgado said if people saw a dog or a cat being treated the way dairy cows or pigs meant for slaughter are, they would take offense—and that's the point.

Delgado's campaign was, at least from the offense and disgust standpoint, a success, and people walking down the street leered and grimaced at the realistic plastic dog, which had been singed to its front legs.

"Rightfully, it's upsetting to see a dog charred and set up on a barbecue," Delgado said.