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Pet-A-Palooza 2014

Saturday, June 7


Here's an understatement: Pets are an important part of our lives. In fact, the word "pet" may not be the best choice--animals are family. We walk with them, plan vacations around them, celebrate their birthdays and some of us even dress them. So if your puppy is your pal or your cat is your companion, you need to get to Pet-A-Palooza.

This animal-centric festival features Boise Police Department K-9 dogs, who will perform demonstrations and be available for pictures. If you're looking to take a snuggly new friend home, animals will be on hand for adoption.

With face painting, a raffle and grub from P. Ditty's Wrap Wagon, make a day of it with your quadruped buddy--but be prepared to share some of those eats should you find yourself staring into a pair of sad, puppy-dog eyes.