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Pescado of the People Or Citizen Fish

Friday, May 27, Myrtle Morgue


Some things never go out of style--including the stream of old-school punk and ska bands that have been gracing Boise lately, including Bad Manners, Agent Orange and--at the Myrtle Morgue on Friday, May 27--Citizen Fish.

The English band was originally a side project of The Subhumans, and the two bands share a raw approach to ska-punk.

Ragged up-strokes and surfy guitar riffs sit beneath undeniably Brit-punk vocals decrying the readily accepted dogma of mainstream society.

"If the Western world was less obsessed with property and the need to keep it safe with threats of war / Then the Third World wouldn't need a war economy that we're supplying at a cost they can't afford," they sing in "Charity."

It may be the same old punk rock tune. But Citizen Fish aren't the imitators; they've been there from the start.