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Peel Me a Grape: A fruit cup's tale


Think about the last time you had a fruit cup from a restaurant breakfast menu. Pop-less grapes, under-ripe melon, maybe a questionably mushy cube of pineapple. By their very afterthought kind of nature, fruit cups in a restaurant are designed to make you wish you'd just gone full-bore and ordered biscuits and gravy rather than trying to be healthy. And really, it's not the fruit cup's fault. After all, it ain't easy to keep fresh fruit lying around an industrial walk-in fridge for the oddball health nut who might wander in every two weeks requesting a breakfast side that's not fried, gravied or buttered.

Recently, though, I found the king of fruit cups, and where else did I find it, but at the king of Boise breakfast joints.

Order a cup of fruit at Goldy's, and what you'll get is a whole mess of fruitastic-ness artfully, carefully sculpted into a mountainous heap of just ripe fruit, a spray of melons bursting from the top of the demure white cup and a rainbow of fruit sliding onto the matching saucer.

In the heat of summer, a fruit cup at Goldy's ($5.95) and the beefed-up fruit bowl ($8.95) will contain the following: grapes that pop, thin slices of Granny Smith and Fuji apples, orange wedges, four kinds of berries (blue, raspberry, strawberry and blackberries), kiwi chunks, mango, cantaloupe, wedges of watermelon and quite possibly a few banana slices.

All fresh as fresh gets. Not a hint of over ripe. Not a brown, mushy, hard or bitter bite to be found. I think you'll enjoy it so much, you won't even wish you'd ordered the veggie benny instead ... you'll just have to order a separate side of each from now on.:

Goldy's Breakfast Bistro, 108 S. Capitol Blvd., 208-345-4100.