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Paywatch: Idaho CEOs Outpace Gem State Workers Pay 109-1


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The AFL-CIO is out with its annual Executive PayWatch, saying salaries and benefits for Idaho CEOs continues to soar above Gem State workers.

According to the survey, the average Idaho CEO made more than $4 million in 2016—109 times more than the rank-and-file Idaho worker.

The Executive PayWatch website showed that in 2015 the average production and non-supervisory Idaho worker earned approximately $38,348 per year. The AFL-CIO said when adjusted for inflation, that wage "remained stagnant for 50 years."

“This is a disgrace and we must stop Wall Street CEOs from continuing to profit on the backs of working people," said Aaron White, president of the Idaho AFL-CIO. "We need to focus on raising wages for all, creating and keeping good jobs here, and reversing these unfair and unjust trends.”

According to the study, Boise-based Micron Technology CEO Mark Durcan received $9,397,821 in total compensation in 2015—255 times the average Micron worker's pay—while Boise Cascade CEO Thomas Corrick pulled in $2,376,221—64 times the average worker's pay. Hecla Mining CEO Phillips Baker, Jr. received $4,715,801 in total compensation, 128 times the average Hecla worker's pay.